Are you a professional artist, photographer or videographer?

If so, we would love to hear from you. Our artist community is constantly evolving, and we would like to make your artworks known throughout the world to our growing customer base.

Are you an artist, photographer or videographer

What artworks are shown on the Digital Art Frame?


Static Art is artworks that do not include any motion. All types of Static Art are available on BeArty Digital for display on the Digital Art Frame: photography, paintings, illustrations, drawings, graphic art, animation, comic, …

Artwork display options:

Are you an artist, photographer or videographer Are you an artist, photographer or videographer


Dynamic Art is artworks in which there is some movement. Not “standard videos”, but sequences of images that move slowly and discretely. It is not disturbing to the eye – we do not want you to be surrounded by walls of videos (like in a sports bars) but high-end, quality Art in Motion!

Dynamic Art should be set to looping with the start being the same as the end.
Length: average 2 minutes (or max. 500MB).

Types of Dynamic Art: Liquid Art, Slo-Mo, …

Are you an artist, photographer or videographer Are you an artist, photographer or videographer

How does BeArty Digital work with artists?

You must submit some of your work to BeArty, and our artists curator will see if it fits within the strategy of BeArty and our technical specifications.

Once artists and artworks are approved, your artworks will be promoted via our app to our growing customer base. Your artwork will get great exposure. The more artworks you submit, and are approved, the more visibility you will get! And even better if you have artworks in different themes and styles.

BeArty will also curate playlists of some of the best artworks and will be promoted via the app.

Once your artwork is viewed by a customer (within a 24 hour window), it will be recorded as “1” view. At the end of each month, the “Artist Pool” (% of total subscription revenue) will be shared between all the artists whose work has been displayed on the Digital Art Frame.

Note: a view is only when a customer has selected your artwork to be shown on their Digital Art Frame (not by seeing it on the app).

If you are interested, then please get in touch with us.

Complete your details and you will receive more information on how to work with us.

You can also contact us by email at:

BeArty is looking forward to hearing from you.