BeArty Digital is the Future of Art…

Are you bored of seeing the same wall décor month after month, year after year? Isn’t it time to bring art technology on to your walls in your home or office? And wouldn’t you like to be able to display any type of artworks on your walls even with budget restrictions?
Well, BeArty is proud to announce the launch of its Digital Art platform that empowers consumers and companies to change the artwork on their walls at any time.

As a business, BeArty strives to make art affordable to all and to beautify people’s lives. Now, with the state-of-the-art technology of BeArty Digital, it is really possible to bring amazing art to everyone’s walls… and to be able to change the art displayed with just a couple of clicks!

Gone are the days when the same wall décor must be viewed year after year!



BeArty Digital provides users with proprietary technology that connects a customized Digital Art Frame to a mobile app.  And all for a low initial cost for the Digital Art Frame and then an affordable monthly subscription… making BeArty Digital accessible to all…

With already thousands of artworks available, users can easily browse, play curated playlists and create their own playlists around their favourite art types and themes.

Not only is it visually satisfying to be able to change the art on your wall at any moment, but what a great form of education for your loved ones to learn more about great artists and artworks. Sitting around the dinner table, discussing artworks and guessing who the artist is, what is the meaning of the artwork, how art is interpreted differently by different people, the history of the piece, … and so on. How better than to expose “art” to your children as they grow up… BeArty Digital makes this possible!



BeArty Digital has focused on simplicity when developing the platform. The Digital Art Frame is as simple as “plug n’ play”. The frame software is pre-installed on the Digital Art Frame so customers just need to plug the screen into a power socket and connect to their Wi-Fi network. The mobile app can be easily downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play and once connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Digital Art Frame, both are able to communicate together. The mobile app easily allows users to browse, search, play and create playlists. And via Settings, users can switch between “landscape” and “portrait” and the artwork frequency in which artworks are changed within a selected playlist. Art made simple…

So what are you waiting for? BeArty Digital will change your living environment, brighten up your walls, impress your friends, educate, … and you will be one of the first to bring to your home or office the latest technology in Digital Art.