Art From Our Artist Community

BeArty offers thousands of artworks to ensure that your interests will always be available. Artworks are provided from global artists in order to offer a large variety of styles and cultures.

BeArty offers 2 families of artworks:

Static Art

Static Art is artworks that do not include any motion. All types of Static Art are available on BeArty Digital for display on the BeArty Frame: photography, paintings, illustrations, drawings, graphic art, animation, comic, …

Art From Our Artist Community

Dynamic Art

Dynamic Art is artworks in which there is some movement. Not “standard videos”, but sequences of images that move slowly and discretely. It is not disturbing to the eye – we do not want you to be surrounded by walls of videos (like in a sports bars) but high-end, quality Art in Motion!

Types of Dynamic Art include Liquid Art, Slo-Mo, Clock Art, Moving parts (still images with movement / effect), Spectacular Art (e.g. Fireworks), Moving Abstracts (abstracts with movement / change of colour).

Ready to impress your visitors to your home or office?

Planned release date: Q1/2019

BeArty has a large artist network who constantly contribute new artworks. There are already thousands of artworks available within many themes and styles from artists from around the world.

There are many static artworks which include paintings, illustrations, graphic art, street art, drawings, … and many more.

There are many themes including Animal Art, Car Art, Celebrity Art, Comic Art, Fashion Art, Floral Art, Iconography Art, Lifestyle Art, Love Art, Motorcycle Art, Music Art, Nature Art, Pop Art, Sport Art, Travel Art, Typography art, … and more.

And BeArty will be gradually introducing Dynamic Art which offers movement in the image, without the distraction that video would give. It will include Art in Motion from videographers with unique styles.