BeArty Digital is being launched on Indiegogo with some special offers (“perks”). There are a range of perks with great prices and interesting discounts. You can see all our perks on Indiegogo.

Pre-Order now for the latest technology in Wall Décor and change your home and office walls at a touch of a button.

BeArty Digital is the Future of Art.

Order now to be one of the first to own this product.

Planned release date: Q1/2019


The RRP of the BeArty Digital Art Frame is £649. But we offer advantageous subscription packages that makes it affordable for all.

24 Month Subscription

BeArty Digital Art Frame: £199
Monthly Subscription Fee: £12 (for 24 months)
At the end of the subscription period, the screen is yours!
No other hidden costs!

12 Month Subscription

Don’t want a 24 month subscription, take out a 12 month subscription package:
BeArty Digital Art Frame: £299
Monthly Subscribtion Fee: £17 (for 12 months)
And after 12 months, you can buy another package and receive another discounted BeArty Frame!

Additional Digital Art Frames

Want art in more than one room? Or at your home and office? Then buy an additional frame which also connects to your app!
Additional BeArty Digital Art Frame: £549 (once you have a subscription)
Additional Monthly Subscription Fee: £5 (for each extra Frame)

Why Pre-Order?

BeArty wants to make art affordable to all… so our pricing is the same as your mobile phone provider. You pay a low initial cost for the BeArty Digital Art Frame and then a monthly subscription for access to ALL artworks! So unlimited access to artworks regardless of how often you view artworks.

What is included in a subscription?

Are you ready to change your walls?

Planned release date: Q1/2019