Wall décor, Art & Technology

BeArty Digital is changing the wall decoration market. With a disruptive technology, BeArty is making in-roads into a multi-billion dollar industry. Just in the US alone, the wall décor market represents more than US$42 billion. Customers are searching for more personalized wall décor to suit their own personal tastes and existing furnishings.

By understanding these customer preferences, BeArty has developed a Digital Wall Art technology that empowers consumers to change their wall décor at any moment and to choose from a range of frame colours that are in harmony with their existing furniture. Gone are the days when the same wall art is seen month after month… In the past, budgets were always an issue… that is no longer the case… now with an affordable subscription model, everyone can have the best artworks on their walls and change them at any time… BeArty is taking consumers swiftly into the 21st century with innovative art technology!

Art is very personal. What I like, a friend or partner might not like. There is no longer any issue for arguing with our loved ones on what should be hung on our walls. It is now possible to have many playlists that suit individual tastes… and these can be changed whenever you want, either manually or automatically. How about showing some “football art” when the lads are round for a pint! And some “fashion art” when the girls come for dinner! And it is possible to share playlists amongst your friends.

BeArty Digital opens the door to thousands of artworks and artists allowing customers to browse through many themes, artwork types and even different moods. Based on selected preferences, BeArty Digital makes suggestions of art that suit your tastes and proposes curated playlists. Customers are notified of new artists and artworks on the home page and it is easy to create a “favourites” playlist by clicking the “heart” symbol on artworks.



And for those avid art lovers, detailed information is available about all artworks and artists. Get to know better the artists behind your favourite pieces. Our artist community is constantly growing and all independent professional artists, photographers and videographers are welcome to join us.

BeArty Digital takes “art education” seriously . How about now sitting at the dinner table and discussing the chosen artworks for the evening! Play “guess who the artist is?”. How do you interpret this abstract artwork? What is your favourite and why? So much fun and a great way to bring art into the lives of your children…