The world of BeArty and Digital Wall Art

BeArty strives to make art affordable to all. In 2017, BeArty launched a marketplace for artists from around the world to showcase their amazing artworks giving customers the opportunity to buy the artworks on a large range of printed products from Wall Art to Fashion to Tech. Now, BeArty is disrupting the wall decoration market with BeArty Digital, an innovative Digital Wall Art platform.

What is Digital Wall Art?
Digital Wall Art is the ability to use digital technologies to change the artwork on your wall at any moment. BeArty has developed proprietary technology which allows consumers to connect the BeArty mobile app to a customized digital art frame which has the custom-built frame software pre-installed.



What is possible with BeArty Digital?

Customers now have full control of their walls and can change their wall décor at any moment. Gone are the days when the same artworks are displayed year after year… With a
couple of clicks, customers can browse curated playlists, create and play their own playlists, and always keeping track of their favourite artworks. And artworks can be changed whenever and as frequently as desired… all controlled through a simple to use mobile app.



The mobile app must be connected to the customized BeArty Digital Art frame. Customers can choose from a range of colours to suit their tastes and existing furniture and the frame can be set to “landscape” or “portrait” at any moment. The high quality Digital frame portrays the art in the best possible light, even a paint brush stroke can be seen clearly… A matt/anti-glare screen ensures that the artworks are not affected by shadows or rays of sunshine. Simplicity is at the heart of BeArty Digital and it is as simple as “plug & play”.



BeArty strives to make art affordable for all. So BeArty has worked hard to make BeArty Digital available on a subscription model, just like the business models of mobile operators. On signing up for a subscription period, a small upfront cost is charged for the Digital Art frame. At the end of the subscription period, the frame is yours and a new one can be ordered as cheaply as the first one. And consumers can start to have more artworks in several rooms. Time to impress people at home and the office…

Consumers can order the Digital Art frame online and download the mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play. In no time at all, customers will be redefining their homes and offices and taking their wall décor into the 21st century… Both static art and dynamic art can be displayed on the Digital Art Frame. Static Art being photography, paintings, illustrations, drawings, graphic art, animation, comic and more. Whilst dynamic art brings un-disturbing motion to the artwork. It is a sequence of images that move slowly and discretely so there are no worries of having a living room like a sports bar with videos running constantly!



BeArty is at the forefront of Digital Wall Art bringing artists from around the world to the walls of avid art lovers… and, on top of that, proposes a large range of art-printed products so that customers can also show their favourite artworks on fashion items, mobile cases or other pieces that allow them to beautify their lives! Let’s BeArty bring art to your homes and lives.